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History of the Book of First Chronicles

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Surprisingly, in the Book of First Chronicles more history of the reign of David is found than the genealogy of his royal line. The first 9 chapters cover the genealogy from Adam to Saul. From chapter 10 to 29 in this Old Testament Book key events of the reign of David and his triumphs from God's grace and forgiveness are emphasized. Unlike the book of Second Samuel, First Chronicles focuses on the positive aspects of David's life to give the Jews encouragement who had just returned from captivity. Chronicles ends with a beautiful public prayer of praise and the rise of Solomon. Originally the Book of First and Second Chronicles were one book in the Hebrew Bible. It's original title meant "The Words of the Days" which would today interpret to "The Events of the Times". The Greek translation (the Septuagint) of the Hebrew Bible separated the Chronicles out of Samuel and Kings from the things omitted. The book Chronicles came from Jerome in his Latin Vulgate Bible 'Chronicorum Liber'. The author is thought to be Ezra or one of his contemporaries. As with Luke and Acts being a continuous history, the Book of Chronicles and Ezra go hand in hand.
After you read through each chapter of this easy to navigate, free online study bible; simply click the "next" or "previous" chapter buttons at the end of the chapter or click on a chapter number in the tables. If you haven't taken our challenge to read the Bible in a year or less, check out our ART system with the "our challenge" link at the top of any page. Under some verses, you will find cross-reference links to use for study purposes.
Father God,
We pray in intercession that You send Your Spirit to the one that wishes to read Your Holy Word in this Book of First Chronicles . We pray that You fill them with understanding, so that they may discern and have placed on their heart the things which they need to know as they read this Old Testament Book of Your Holy Word. Thank You for hearing our prayer Holy Lord.
In Your great and Mighty Name we pray,

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